Masterbatches are colour and / or additive concentrates based on plastic resin or a similar matrix. The contents of colourants and / or additives in such concentrates are typically much higher than in the final application. Various forms of concentrates - such as pellets, liquid, paste, or powder - are available.

The overall European market demand of masterbatches is about 874,000 tons in 2010 which can be broken down as follows: Black (21.3%), white (26.8%), colour (22.8%) and additive (29.1%) materbatches*. The volume of masterbatches produced in Europe totals ca. 1.030,000 tons (in 2010). Germany is one of the largest markets for masterbatches inside Europe.

Masterbatches are used in all typical processes of the plastics industry, such as extrusion, injection moulding and blow moulding. Masterbatches are distributed to diverse customers, e.g. the packaging, medical devices and automotive industries.

Members of Masterbatch Verband account for the lion's share of the German market (Membership list), with a special focus on the political interests of mid-sized business. The members produce a wide range of colour and additive masterbatches "Product Range of Masterbatch Verband".

Masterbatch Verband provides for member companies a forum for the exchange of information, for opinion-forming processes and for discussions about safety-relevant issues in the value chain. Position papers and leaflets are developed on product technical, regulatory and ecological aspects - in order to optimize the information flow to customers (information materials and brochures).

The book "Colour and Additive Masterbatches in Practice" is a milestone in the work of Masterbatch Verband. On 325 pages, comprehensive articles give an overview of processing and uses of masterbatches, raw materials, additives and test methods.

Up until now, over 10,000 copies of this publication have been circulated exclusively by member companies of Masterbatch Verband to their customers throughout Europe and to young experts and executives in universities and colleges.

* Based on figures from AMI Study “Thermoplastic Masterbatches in Europe”, 2012