Dear Reader,

Masterbatches are still young products. Th ey have only been produced for about 50 years, yet have become indispensable in the world of polymers. Still, they are little known to the public despite their major role in the success of plastic products. As part of the anniversary of the Masterbatch Verband, founded in 1998, this brochure presents how masterbatches are created, the professional groups that develop and produce them and their special function. We also look back on the founding years of our industry and provide insight into the development of an interdisciplinary and highly dynamic manufacturing industry.

We Masterbatchers will certainly continue to make the world smarter, more sustainable and more ecological. Th e next pages describe, for example, how Masterbatchers support e-mobility through lightweight construction and help modern processes such as 3D printing achieve success. We welcome new challenges.

I hope you enjoy the read!



Dr. Martin Fabian
Chairman of the Masterbatch Verband