Customised running shoes will soon be a luxury that not just top athletes can aff ord.

Greater individuality with
3D printing
Additive manufacturing is another trend that many Masterbatch manufacturers are promoting. Already today, the selection of materials for 3D printing includes numerous polymers, which are also available as coloured or fl ame-retardant materials. Th is manufacturing method was originally used for rapid prototyping primarily, but is now opening the door to ever more applications. Unique is a powerful keyword. It is not just about lifestyle products, such as those produced in exclusive shape and colour or tailor-made running shoes for top athletes. Individual pieces can already be found as prostheses in medicine and there is high demand for industrial applications. Oft en, however, the focus of 3D printing is the production of moulds which cannot be achieved by conventional production methods. Products manufactured in this way are oft en much lighter.

Breakthrough products such as extremely light suction pads for pick & pack robots in food production have already been manufactured.