Product Overview

Additive Masterbatches

Alongside colouring agents for polymers, additives have an important role: they improve certain properties of polymers and enable easier handling of plastic products. Similar to colouring agents, there are various different options for additives to polymers. In many fields, preference is given to additive masterbatches – beside the use of treated raw materials.

UV- and Thermo-Stabilizer-Masterbatches
UV- and long term stabilizers protect films, moulded parts and the contents of secondary packaging (e.g. cosmetics) against all kinds of aging processes.

Colour Masterbatches

Where colouring agents are concerned, a differentiation is made between dyes and pigments, with the latter being of much greater importance in the plastics sector. Pigment particles (primary particles) – as they are usually generated in manufacture – have strong forces of attraction, due to their extremely small particle sizes. Consequently, primary particles gather to form so-called aggregates.

In powder pigments, aggregates invariably form agglomerates. During colouring, the agglomerates need to be broken up, wetted by the polymers, and distributed homogeneously. These steps – which take place simultaneously – are called dispersion. From the aspect of machine technology, dispersion is a difficult and complex process. Dyes undergo a solution process, with molecularly dissolved dyes as the outcome. Solubility depends on the individual dye, the polymer material, and processing conditions.